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Blart Makes His Final 4chon Post

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March 19, 2012 8:12 AM by Michael Horowitz

Legendary 4chon poster Blart (!QbMzmNjD6Y) has thrown in the towel, declaring his decision to leave the site with no intention of ever returning. “I guess this is it,” he expressed last Sunday.

Blart was banned earlier in the week for his attemps to distort the results of the forced anonymity poll. Although many agree he only had good intentions, some say they're glad he's finally gone.

Posters from other imageboards such as 7chan and Krautchan were urged by blart to vote against forced anon. Moderators from these sites have yet to comment but there are reports that they were aware of the threads at the time and did in fact make an effort to delete some.

“It may not have changed the final outcome of the poll, but I am glad I cared enough about this place to try, even if it led to my own banning,” he said.

Despite being banned, Blart thanked STI and the moderation team for “keeping everything in line”.

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