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Moot Raped Teen From /soc/

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March 26, 2012 4:44 AM by Michael Horowitz

A week ago, infamous 4chan webmaster moot (aka Christopher Poole) posted a global notice on 4chan inviting users to meet him in London. But did moot do more than “meet” 17-year-old Francesca?

Of the 500 or so people that replied to the invitation, only one was responded to. For some reason, moot decided that instead of hosting a small event for all, he'd rather meet with only one woman: 17-year-old Francesca Rose from Kent, England.

The teen is now claiming moot took advantage of her and forced her into sex. An anonymous source closely affiliated with moot has confirmed these allegations to be true. "He told me he was looking for more. I asked if he meant sex and he nodded silently," said the source.

4chan mods have reportedly been instructed to delete any threads mentioning the incident, while Francesca is waiting for a court date to be set. is the news site for tripfag and imageboard drama!

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